How Do You Hide Speaker Wires?

Different homes are different interior finishes and styles. Your living space may have, you might find it quite challenging to organize the space when you have a music system with multiple speakers.

This is made even more challenging when you have speaker wires all over your home.

The way you position your music system matters a lot and you will always want to keep your home speaker wires organized such that your home looks neat at all times. There are five smart ways to hide home speaker  wires the following:

Covering Them with Rugs

The speaker wires must run across the floor, especially when you have a surround sound set up, then you can easily hide those using throw rugs.

It is also possible to use carpet runners in this case. Hide speaker wires will add aesthetic appeal to space and reduce the chances of tripping over the wires.

Camouflaging Speaker Wires with Paint

Some wires will run along the walls. If this is the case, then you can easily hide them by painting them with the same color as the wall. This method requires a little bit more work since you must run the wires straight and firm along the wall.

You can do this using zip ties and a staple gun. You will simply staple the ties along the wall. Then position the cable above the staples and fasten the zip tie. This way, you will not staple the wires to avoid damaging them.

Installing Cable Ducts or Covers

If you are wanted to hide home speaker wires using a more permanent method, then you can simply use cable ducts. This solution is also great in conceal speaker wire that does not have a carpet.

Tucking the Cables between the Baseboard and Carpet

Most carpeted rooms often have baseboards along the bottom of the walls. If this is the case, you can find a small space between the baseboard and carpet where you can tuck and hide the home speaker wire discreetly. You can use your fingers to tuck in the wires.

In case the gap is tight, use a screwdriver to push the cable into the space. Do it gently to avoid damaging the cable or baseboard.

Using Flat Adhesive Home Speaker Wire

This solution to hide home speaker wire is considered to using flat adhesive wires. You will be needed to do is peel off a cover on the cable to expose the adhesive side. The adhesive holds firmly on almost all flat surfaces.